Spread Happiness!

Rise of Balloons is a puzzle and adventure game set in a steampunk town, telling the story of a hopeful young girl and her red balloon. Being the only joyful soul in a city full of depressed people, this little girl wishes to spread happiness by giving balloons to everyone she meets!

Rise of Balloons tries to remind its players that small gestures such as giving a balloon or smiling are all it takes to change someone else’s day. Paying it forward is important, as you cannot possibly finish the game without giving many balloons!


A Sad People

In this grim city, a typical person works around 80 hours per week. No time for hobbies or fun. In fact, most of them can’t even remember the feeling of happiness! Hopeless and dispirited, these people barely notice the strange little girl running around them.

A Balloon Machine

Inflating balloons requires a lot of breath, and this little girl would have a pretty hard time giving everyone a balloon without a bit of help. Luckily, she carries in her bag a machine able to inflate lots of balloons very quickly, from many kinds of gas. Science!

A Happy Girl

This is the hero of Rise of Balloons! Happy and selfless, she spontaneously wants to share her joy with those around her. Her curious and carefree nature makes her go to pretty dangerous places for a small child like her…



  • Head-wracking puzzles with many solutions. Use your balloons wisely!
  • Adventure through a gloomy industrial city. Feel the sadness that you try to repel!
  • Multiple balloon types allow you to fly, destroy obstacles or glue stuff together!
  • Simple and intuitive controls allow you to concentrate on solving the next challenge!
  • Listen to beautifully composed music by Productions Musique Nordique!

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